Research activities

13.05.2013. - 14:39
Research activities at the Faculty of Technical Sciences are oriented primarily to the realization of research projects funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Serbia and the Provincial Department of Science and Technology. The Faculty participates in several European research
projects (FP7, Eureka!, Cost, etc.). These are projects or sub-projects in the field of basic research, innovative projects and technological development projects.

On 19th February 2007 the Faculty received the Decision on accreditation of scientific activities in all scientific fields that are studied at FTS. In 2011 the Faculty received the Decision on the re-accreditation.

Faculty scientific and research activities are carried out in modern laboratories and computer centre. Teachers and staff annually publish over 200 scientific papers in leading international and national journals and present them at international conferences in the country and abroad. FTS publishes the following

• Production Engineering
• International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management (IJIEM);
• Journal for Technology of Plasticity;
• Faculty of Technical Sciences Proceedings
• FTN Newspaper
• The Faculty is a co-publisher of the following journals:
• Technics,
• Computer Science and Information Systems.

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