Subject: Doctoral thesis - writing and defending a thesis (17 - DOMS6)

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Scientific or art field:Teorijska i primenjena matematika
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Course is active from 01.10.2018..

The application of fundamental, theoretical, methodological, scientific, professional and applicative knowledge and methods in solving concrete problems within the selected topic of the doctoral dissertation. Technical processing and defence of the doctoral dissertation enables students to develop skills to make the results of independent scientific research work in a suitable form and to publicly present them, as well as to respond to comments and questions related to the doctoral dissertation topic.
Enabling students to achieve scientific competencies and academic skills, development of creative abilities, as well as mastering of specific practical skills from the doctoral dissertation topic. Enabling students to independently solve theoretical and practical problems, to understand and to use contemporary knowledge, the ability to follow contemporary achievements, independent and creative action, connecting knowledge from various fields and its application, solving problems using scientific methods, performing numerical simulations and experimental research, presentation and discussion of research results, communication at the professional level in writing and presenting scientific-research results through the written form of the doctoral dissertation and its public defence.
Writing and presenting scientific-research results in the form of a doctoral dissertation. Student performs the final technical processing of the doctoral dissertation. Printed dissertation delivers to the Commission for assessment and defence. The student orally defends the doctoral dissertation. The procedure of public defence of the doctoral dissertation is regulated by the general act of the Faculty of Technical Sciences.
The student, in consultation with the supervisor, selects the research topic related to doctoral dissertation. For the chosen topic, supervisor delivers research plan to student. The student is obliged to make the work within the given subject using the recommended literature. During the development, the mentor can give additional instructions to the student, refer him to specific literature, and further guide him. In order to successfully carry out the research, the student conducts consultations with the mentor and with other teachers dealing with the research topic. Within the given topic, the student performs an analysis of previous research, identifies the problems and disadvantages of previous research, defines the objectives of his research, and carries out numerical simulations or experimental research. Student presents the research results in the form of the project, and by publishing the paper in an international journal (SCI listed).
SviČasopisi sa SCI/SCIe/SSCI liste iz problematike studijskog programaSvi Svi
SviDoktorske disertacije iz problematike studijskog programaSvi Svi
SviUdžbenici i monografije iz problematike studijskog programaSvi Svi
SviUdžbenici i monografije iz problematike studijskog programaSvi Svi
Course activity Pre-examination ObligationsNumber of points
PhD thesis defenceNoYes50.00
Writing the PhD thesisNoYes50.00
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