Subject: Doctoral thesis - Research and publication of results 1 (17 - DOMS1)

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Scientific or art field:Teorijska i primenjena matematika
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Course is active from 01.10.2018..

The main goal of this part of PhD studies is he application of fundamental, theoretical and methodological, scientific and professional knowledge, methods and contemporary knowledge within the selected area of interest. In this course, student does research about the problems, their structure and complexity, and based on the performed analysis, student brings the conclusions about the solution of the problems. Using a proper literature, student obtain broader perspective about methods used for creative solvtions to new problems. The goal of this course is to make students obtain experience in solving complex problems and to apply that knowledge in practice.
Enabling students to individually connect the contents from the courses at Doctoral studies, apply previously acquired as well as new knowledge for observing the structure of the problems and its systematic analysis in order to elaborate conclusions on possible directions in its solving. Through individual usage of literature, students broaden their knowledge and utilizing new methods individually and creatively, they use new knowledge in solving the research tasks.
It is formulated individually in accordance with further research. Students read scientific literature, and perform analyses in order to find solutions for a concrete task which is defined by setting the task on the side of the supervisor and other lecturers at Doctoral studies. Theoretical bases present a classification examinations. Students are prepared to take the classification examination.
Within this course, student does consultations with the menthor, and with other teachers who are experienced in the same scientific field of the thesis. If needed, student performs various measurements, do the research, use polls, and does the statistical analysis of the results.
različiti autoriMonografske publikacije i naučni radovi2019
Course activity Pre-examination ObligationsNumber of points
Term paperYesYes50.00
Oral part of the examNoYes50.00
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